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Dent Repair Puller Kit for Car Bodywork

Dent Repair Puller Kit for Car Bodywork

just £7.99 each

Dent Repair Puller Kit for Car Bodywork

Ideal for fixing dings and dents on your vehicle's surface. Think of the money you'll save. Takes 30 minutes or less.

The kit contains:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue
  • Glue Scraper
  • Dent Pulling Tabs with Wing Nut
  • Pulling Bridge
  • Knockdown

How to use:

  • Use specially formulated glue, adhere dent pulling tab to centre of dent
  • Place pulling bridge over dent pulling tab and turn wing nut until pulling tab released
  • Enjoy the finished result

Individual results will vary depending on the skill of the operator and the nature of the dent. For steel panels with shallow dents, not suitable for aluminium or composites or where the panel has been creased or punctured.

Est shipping weight: 0.67kg

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